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Rhode Island Foot and Ankle, Inc has been providing excellence in podiatric medicine and surgery since 1993.  We are dedicated to providing the most complete and comprehensive podiatric care in Rhode Island.

Dr. Volpe and Dr. DeHaven have extensive experience and training in all ailments of the foot and ankle. We are up to date on the most advanced treatments for all foot related conditions and we strive to deliver the most appropriate treatment for each individual patient from conservative care to reconstructive foot surgery.

"Our goal is to deliver each and every patient with the knowledge of their foot condition and offer and begin a treatment program with the highest quality of care."
-John A. Volpe, DPM

Orthotics and Braces
What are orthotics?

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are intended to correct an abnormal, or irregular, walking pattern. Orthotics are not truly or solely “arch supports,? although some people use those words to describe them, and they perhaps can best be understood with those words in mind. They perform functions that make standing, walking, and running more comfortable and efficient by altering slightly the angles at which the foot strikes a walking or running surface.
Doctors of podiatric medicine prescribe orthotics as a conservative approach to many foot problems or as a method of control after certain types of foot surgery; their use is a highly successful, practical treatment form.
Orthotic Tips 
•Wear shoes that work well with your orthotics.

•Bring your orthotics with you whenever you purchase a new pair of shoes.

•Wear socks or stockings similar to those that you plan on wearing when you shop for new shoes.

•Return as directed for follow-up evaluation of the functioning of your orthotics. This is important for making certain that your feet and orthotics are functioning properly together. 

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