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Heel Pain?

by Jordan DeHaven on 04/01/13

One of the most common reason patients come to the office is due to heel pain.  This can often be diagnosed at plantar fasciitis.  At Rhode Island Foot and Ankle, we try to treat all conditions conservatively, and with heel pain this is no exception.  I often say, one of the great things about heel pain is that it is extremely treatable.

The pain can usually be treated within a few weeks with a good regimen of stretching, anti-inflammatories and shoegear adjustments.  On occasion the patient will need an injection, but with most patients, following the injection, they walk out of the office without pain!

Although many cases of heel pain are determined to be plantar fasciitis, there are a number of other diagnoses that can also cause heel pain; including stress fracture, tendonitis and bursitis and in children, apophysitis.  Because of this, it is important to have this evaluated!  Give us a call today!

Laser Therapy for Pain

by Jordan DeHaven on 10/11/12

Did you know that there is a laser treatment that can help with pain in your feet?  Did you know that here at Rhode Island Foot and Ankle, we have this laser?

Laser treatments are not something that is new, however over the past five years, the advancements have been great!  Laser treatments can be performed for conditions like plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, neuromas, bursitis, tendonitis, open wounds, ulcers and even slow to heal post operative incisions! 

The laser that we have here is a class 3B laser or what is called a "cold laser."  This term refers to the fact that it will not produce a burn on the patient's skin with use.  The treatment is completely painless and takes only minutes to perform, often patients see results immediately.  Typically one would need about 10-12 treatments over the course of a month for optimal results.

If you have any of these conditions or any type of foot or ankle pain, please come in and ask us about our laser treatment options!  You will be happy you did!

Summer Feet!

by Jordan DeHaven on 07/18/12

The summer can do a number on your feet and Rhode Island Foot and Ankle is here to help! 

Heel pain, broken toes, splinters and sunburn, these are just a few things that can occur to your feet during the summer.  The main reason is due to a lack of support or a lack of shoegear all together.  My biggest recommendation is moderation; use flip flops, sandals, barefeet in moderation. 

I also want to encourage all to use sunscreen and be sure to reapply!  Do not forget your feet while out in the sun, sunburns on the top of the feet are common!  Skin cancers do occur on the feet, so be sure to get your questionable moles checked!

Enjoy your summer and as always, contact us if you need anything! 

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